Covid Recovery for both parents

Deborah Toohey at Lightpathways helped my elderly parents survive Covid. They were both hospitalized. My mother was on a ventilator. I called Deborah to see if she could do distance healing sessions for my parents since my mom was failing quickly and my dad had pneumonia added to the Covid diagnosis. She set aside several sessions. Miraculously a couple days after the first session, my father’s X-rays showed absolutely no pneumonia. The doctors were stumped. They thought they must have read the X-ray wrong. They had no explanation for how it just vanished. He went home the following day. My mother, however wasn’t so lucky. She was transferred to a different hospital that had an ICU and was put on a respirator.  I was told to call a lawyer to get a power of attorney for her because it didn’t look good. Deborah did a few more sessions for her and after each one, the doctor said that they think she’s starting to pull through, right after we did the sessions. She finally pulled through. She said that she heard music the whole time and saw colored lights. Just like inside the Harmonic Egg. This is new age healing. Prayers with light and sound frequency to assist healing. It’s a miracle and IT IS REAL.