Clarity, confidence, manifesting, remote session

I've had three experiences with the Harmonic Egg so far. Each was very different, suiting what I needed at that time.

In my first session, I entered a Theta state where I lost all sense of time and emerged feeling deeply relaxed and blissful. For my second session, the intention was set to focus on manifesting abundance and movement for an area of my business I have been working on.

The session was calming and supported me in feeling the sensations of clarity and confidence, which helped move me out of fear and forward on my next steps.

My third session was a remote session. I had some resistance to doing a remote session because I had so enjoyed my previous experience in the Egg surrounded by the beautiful colors. But my remote session showed me the power of energy healing at a distance. I decided to set up my chair and prop up my legs to feel like I was in the Egg. I also imagined the purple above me and the green below me. I started feeling strong pulses throughout my body, especially in my neck, head and left shoulder.

It was almost like being gently rocked, which was interesting and soothing. At certain points, cleansing tears would flow and other times I felt calm.

Teresa T