Calmness & Clarity

From the moment I saw the Harmonic Egg my body vibrated with excitement! I contacted Franni of Vibrational Miracles Harmonic Healing immediately and had my 1st distance session. Two weeks later I experienced my time in the egg. There was no difference between being in person or distance. The intention is what made the difference. I have noticed calmness in my everyday choices. More focus and clarity. The depth of being grounded and connected to expansion of creational force continues today. I am in flow rather than insisting things need to be a certain way. Less body aches and pains. When I speak I am heard and answers come in instant. I am enthusiastic to learn more of who I am and how I can deepen assisting clients on their healing journey. I am inspired by the beauty life has to offer.
Thank you for being a guardian of such magnificence ❤

- Knowla