Help for children and focus

“Boys went in their first session into the Harmonic Egg yesterday.
They are 7 and 9. This is their next step in their journey to wellness.
Today after school, they asked for their snack and then played outside. They did not fight and didn't follow each other around.
Then William asked during playing to do his homework on the computer.
Let me write this again so I can believe this:
He has lived here a year. He has never asked to do his homework and it's like herding cats to get him to do homework.
Andrew then played with his Legos while William did his homework for over an hour. I have to separate them to get their work done.
They also try to find each other and see what the other is doing.
They each stayed in their own space. They seem calmer and more focused tonight.
This is a great start.” Billie Ann Francella