Believing is Seeing - chemo and radiation and so much more!

The reason I started to visit Victoria’s Harmonic Egg in Voorburg was because my son, who was going through a heavy treatment, found a lot of Energy and a feeling of well being after his Egg sessions. He now has nearly finished his 5 months radiation and chemo sessions, and still has his hair and has been feeling well enough to go to work each day even during his treatment!

As a true sceptic, I did not believe in anything that was not mainstream health care, but since the Egg is non invasive and safe (and all you have to take is electrolytes) at 74, I took a big step and visited Victoria, the Egg owner near The Hague. Due to my son’s illness and my brothers decease at the same time I had a blood pressure of 180-110. So new pills but the result was only 155-100. Not enough for me and I kept worrying about it as 3 years ago I already had a by-pass operation.

My first Egg session was relaxing and at the same time revealing. We had lost our daughter 16 years ago in a car crash in Argentina, and during the session she was very clearly with me. I saw her and she approved of what I was doing there. Being who I was, not a spiritual person at all, after the session I told Victoria about this. I took it as a dream, no more than that. Victoria is a wonderful and gifted healer and she could explain to me a little of what I was going through.

The same evening I felt so wonderful, I took my wife out to dinner to her favorite restaurant, she definitely liked that outcome of my session already.

For the next few days I kept feeling happy and took my bloodpressure : 125- 72, Like a young athlete !! Again being me, I started worrying immediately if this would hold or that my blood pressure would go up again. So I kept monitoring and now - 12 weeks later- I can confidently say that it is at a steady 124-73.

At the same time, I kept smelling a vague sweet smell, which Victoria confirmed was due to the detox process. It lasted for some weeks and gradually faded away. Occasionally it comes back when I’m detoxing .

I also decided to schedule more sessions, took a 12 ride ticket and made appointments for every week. I felt I needed to try to reset the entire old body with all the different ailments one develops over time.

The second visit, still focusing on the ANS, Victoria put on some different music, and to be honest, I hated it. It was like the horn of a steamship, painful on the chest, but not the ears. After the session I asked Victoria not to play that particular track for me ever again and told her of the enormous noise. She showed me the track details, and it contained only harp, flute and windchimes….NO STEAMSHIP HORN. I can’t explain what happened, but after a few days I felt really happy and relaxed, and was able to deal with my worries about my son in a different way.

During the third session, I had a ‘visit’ from my father, who had passed away some 40 years ago. Again the now normal relaxation, but also a very warm but pleasant sensation in the chest. After a few days  I noticed that my hernia was gone. After 6 years of pain (Although hernia’s don’t cure by itself, I refused to have the mesh-operation) all the pain was gone and it has stayed away ever since.

My fourth session we focused on my hearing and sight. I have Tinnitus since I was 16, leader of the first boy band ever, and after my Moderna Covid booster vaccination I had thrombosis in my right eye where I now have 20% vision. It is hard to tell if my vision has changed already but the thrombosis seems to have stopped. I have to go for eye-checks again in a month, but my Tinnitus has diminished dramatically, I would say half of what it was before.

At the same time we worked on the joints. Last year, I ruined my wrist (TFCC) and had 4 months of fysio, medication and other alternative treatments. It only got worse, so I decided to visit an orthopedist as the new golf season is approaching. They made x rays, told me about the TFCC, but could not do anything. I was referred again to a specialized physio therapist. She told me to wear a brace for a week first to stabilize the wrist and bring down any inflammation. My GP had advised exactly the opposite, not to use a brace as it would stiffen the wrist. It took 2 weeks to see the physio therapist again (and meanwhile 2 sessions with Victoria) and the physio therapist checked my wrist and said that the remarkable improvement I had normally would take at least 3 months. I kept my secret as I did not want to hurt her feelings, but maybe I should advise her to change career paths since the Egg is coming!

To make my treatment complete I agreed with Victoria we should spent three sessions on each chakra (two months ago I didn’t know what a chakra was..) starting at the root (session 6, 7 and 8) and working our way up in the coming months. During the 7th session I experienced some soft quick vibrations in my leg, which I attributed to the music. Shifting my legs and changing position did not make any difference, so it wasn’t due to the chair. According to Victoria, it was my bio energy reacting to the treatment. The next session the same vibration happened, and I also experienced a warm feeling in the lower body and upper legs. Shortly after the music ended these feelings gradually disappeared.

Now for the boys, I can’t measure it, but I am convinced my prostate has improved a lot. The all night peeing is reduced by 50%, and during the daytime I am on 3 hour intervals, which is really quite good. So fingers crossed, I’ll do a PSA test on my next check up, just for the hell of it, and also look into my bloodsugar levels!!

The big trick will be to convince my doctors to wean me of my pills. But I will have to do the tests first as that is what they learned at school and believe in…

My conclusion is I feel like 40 again and I am free of all sorts of pain I had for years. More people in my environment make remarks how well I look, and my grandchildren have commented to my son that they have a different ‘Opi’, happy and good fun. All I need to do now is to go on a maintenance program later on and convince my friends to follow my lead as I still need golf buddies in 20 years.