Autism / Awesomism Greatness!


I took Sofe to her first harmonic egg session yesterday and she absolutely loved it. She has been so affectionate since the session and I keep seeing a clarity in her eyes that I haven't seen before. Then today I was visiting a close friend who has a piano. All of a sudden, we hear Sofe playing the piano – like actual songs! She has never been able to put notes together or has been taught any kind of lesson. She played three different songs in one setting!!! I was just in tears and completely shocked. It's important to note that Sofe has never played before --only would hit the keys "randomly" on my parents' piano when we visit them a few times a year. Also, she would never play with the keys longer than a few minutes. When she played the piano after the Harmonic Egg session, she sat at the piano for 45 minutes and ended up figuring out how to play three different songs – SO HUGE!  I have booked two more sessions for her for the month of April, so I am excited to see what else opens up for her!