Arthritis Relief, Stress, Pain (knee, sciatic)

I am someone always weary about trying holistic "things," but Megan the Magic Egg Master convinced me to give it a try. Back in July I started experiencing knee pain that was affecting my everyday forward to November after 9 weeks of physical therapy when a MRI finally showed that I have arthritis in both knees. Not only is that affecting me physically but mentally as well.

Since the beginning of the year, I have been going weekly to the Egg, 6 weeks down and it has helped me significantly. We decided, if nothing else at least I would have 50 minutes of relaxation away from the stresses of life and away from electronics. Depending on what I want to work on each session (stress, knee pain, sciatic pain, etc.) they will set me up with a color of light and music to go with my needs. Then you enter the magical Egg, they get you all comfy, have you set an intention, and then let the magic begin.

Every experience in the Egg is different but I am a believer now that the vibrations from the music help your body. I often end the session feeling like I had a weighted blanket on me, sometimes my insides feel wiggly, and every time I am exhausted! Most importantly I get relief from the pain that makes it manageable most days. How will the magic make you feel? You need to go try it and find out for yourself!! - Jean L. in NY